Look for That Affordable Active Lifestyle in Retirement Communities in Daytona Beach, FL

Retirement Communities Daytona Beach FLToday’s baby boomers have higher expectations than previous generations when searching out retirement communities in and around Daytona Beach, Florida.

The retirees of yesteryear flocked to this area to enjoy the year-round friendly climate, world-famous beaches, first-rate healthcare facilities, and an inexhaustible array of entertainment and recreational opportunities. Today, all those attractions still make this area a magnet for mature adults, but there are even more perks to consider. That’s because federal regulations enacted in the 1990s made special provisions for age-restricted retirement communities catering to the needs of residents 55 and older. And this has made it easier for developers to plan and construct subdivisions with resort-style amenities that meet retirees’ need to stay physically fit and connected with their neighbors through an active lifestyle.

Another change for today’s boomers, however, is that many face financial challenges to retirement. Stock market setbacks and a transition away from employer-provided pensions have crimped the savings for many people nearing retirement age. So, if you’re worried that you can’t afford an active lifestyle in the Daytona Beach, FL, area, you’re not alone.

Fortunately, there are retirement communities that help you make the most of your nest egg by combining high-quality manufactured homes with easy access to community amenities, such as a clubhouse-and-pool complex, that you’d expect to find in an upscale subdivision. With proper maintenance, these manufactured homes can provide the same comfort and durability of site-built homes, usually for a significantly lower price. This allows residents of manufactured home retirement communities to put more of their financial resources into the resort-style amenities that make life enjoyable.

Bear Creek is one of those retirement communities just north of Daytona Beach, FL, that caters to the needs of residents 55 and older. Our surprisingly affordable gated community of manufactured homes features three clubhouse/pool complexes, each packed with social and exercise opportunities. Contact our Lifestyle Team today for information about our beautiful community.