What it’s like to live in the Daytona Beach, FL, area

What Is It Like to Live in the Daytona Beach, FL, Area?

What's It Like to Live in the Daytona Beach, FL, Area?Daytona Beach has long been one of Central Florida’s most desirable locations, especially for retirees who want to live near the ocean and enjoy all the exciting activities that a coastal community provides. The friendly climate is another big draw. Daytona residents enjoy about 230 sunny days each year, compared with an average of 205 days for communities across the United States—that’s almost a month of extra sunshine! And, although summers typically bring temperatures in the 90s, the welcome breezes off the Atlantic Ocean keep this community among the most comfortable places to live in the nation.

The Daytona area began attracting tourists in droves more than 100 years ago, and its reputation as a top retirement destination is almost as longstanding. In recent years, Daytona Beach has landed on many “Best Places to Retire” lists in the U.S. This is hardly surprising, as retirees in this Central Florida area enjoy:

  • No state income tax and a relatively low cost of living
  • Daily opportunities for adventure at the beach or out on the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway, as well as the Halifax and Tomoka rivers
  • Close proximity to the Daytona International Speedway, which hosts various race events and other activities throughout the year
  • The peace of mind of knowing that first-rate medical facilities are within an easy driving distance

Explore the Affordable Active Lifestyle You Could Enjoy at Bear Creek

As terrific as Daytona Beach is for retirees, some older adults prefer to live outside the noise and traffic of a tourist destination, treating the “World’s Most Famous Beach” as their playground instead of their home. At Bear Creek, we offer the perfect combination of fun, sun, and relaxation in our peaceful, gated community of high-quality manufactured homes for active adults 55 and older. We’re located in Ormond Beach, a few miles north of Daytona and still only 5 miles from the Atlantic Ocean.

Our manufactured housing is the key to making resort-style living affordable, but there’s no skimping on the amenities we provide for our residents. Our community is anchored by three clubhouses—each with a swimming pool—plus tennis and pickleball courts, a well-equipped fitness center, and more.

Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about Bear Creek near Daytona Beach.

Reasons to Retire in Daytona Beach

Reasons to Retire in the Daytona Beach Area

Reasons to Retire in Daytona Beach FLFor most people, the top reason for retiring in the Daytona Beach area is encompassed in the city’s name: the beach. As a matter of fact, when you retire in the Daytona Beach area, you’ll be able to easily visit not only a single beautiful beach but several, which together stretch for more than 20 miles along the Atlantic Ocean. The packed sand of these beaches once beckoned racecar drivers to test their skills, which led to the area being nicknamed the “Birthplace of Speed.” But today, this stretch of shoreline creates the ideal setting for leisurely strolls, shell hunting, or the simple pleasure of watching the morning sunrise.

Beyond that, though, Daytona Beach has long been one of Florida’s top retirement destinations, and here are a few of the reasons why:

A Favorable Tax Climate for Seniors

Like other Florida homeowners, Daytona residents pay no state income taxes, and their property taxes are remarkably low. Each municipality has its own sales tax rate, however, and Daytona’s is one of the lowest in the state and nation.

A Terrific Central Florida Location

With so much to do in the Daytona Beach area, you may think you’ll never want to explore other parts of the Sunshine State. But if you do venture out, you’ll find many adventures waiting for you only a short drive away. These include theme parks, dinner theaters, historic sites, nature parks, casinos, and many other attractions. Plus, Daytona Beach is home to some of the best regional medical centers in Florida, and world-class research hospitals are only about an hour’s drive away.

Affordable Housing Costs

Low housing prices are among the reasons why Daytona Beach lands on many “best places to retire” lists year after year. At Bear Creek, a 55+ community just north of Daytona Beach, we’re proud to offer affordable manufactured homes in a beautiful, gated setting with a wealth of on-site amenities just 5 miles from the Atlantic Ocean.

If you’re thinking about retiring in the Daytona Beach area, we’ll be happy to tell you more about Bear Creek and even schedule a community tour for you whenever you’re visiting Central Florida. Contact us today to make the arrangements.

Best Places to Retire in Central Florida

How to Find the Best Places to Retire in Central Florida

Best Places to Retire in Central FloridaThanks to its mild climate and seemingly endless list of recreational opportunities, Central Florida has long reigned as one of the top retirement destinations in the country. But Central Florida cuts a large swath through the Sunshine State. How do you zero in on the best places to retire in this region? Here are a few key questions to ask:

What Are My Favorite Pastimes?

Do you like to take long beachfront strolls? Hunt for shells washed up by the tides? Brave the rolling waves on a personal watercraft or surfboard? If so, you’ll want to choose a retirement community near one of the state’s world-acclaimed beaches. Are you a golfer? Central Florida is chock full of golf courses, but not every retirement community offers convenient access to golfing.

Are All the Services I’ll Need Located Nearby?

The best places to retire are located within an easy driving distance of first-rate medical facilities, with plenty of dining and shopping choices nearby.

Can I Afford the Lifestyle I’m Looking For?

This is perhaps the toughest question to answer when you’re trying to find the best place to retire. Many retirees from across the nation have found the affordable active lifestyle they’ve been dreaming of at Bear Creek, a gated 55+ community of upscale manufactured homes near Daytona Beach, FL. In addition to an ideal location 5 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, we also offer a wealth of resort-style amenities, including three clubhouses and swimming pools. Plus, there’s a golf course and restaurant right next door!

We’ll be happy to help you find out whether Bear Creek is the best place for you to retire. Contact us today for more information or, better yet, schedule a community tour the next time you’ve visiting the Central Florida area.

Active Adult Communities Ormond Beach

One of Florida’s Most Active Adult Communities Is Located in Ormond Beach

Active Adult Communities Ormond Beach FLAt Bear Creek, we know that retirees in search of active adult communities to call home are looking for a place where there’s plenty to do and friendly neighbors to do it with. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to make sure the residents of our 55+ community in Ormond Beach, FL, never run out of exciting activities to pursue. For example, can you picture yourself:

  • Learning to create beautiful stained glass in our spacious crafts room?
  • Sampling German cuisine with neighbors at our Oktoberfest party or cutting up on stage at our Holiday Follies Show?
  • Participating in a group outing to one of the many surrounding attractions in Central Florida?

Activities like these and many others are made possible by our generous array of resort-style amenities. We offer three clubhouses, each with its own theme and designed to accommodate a wide variety of activities that will appeal to the diverse interests of our residents. Social gatherings are especially important at Bear Creek, and we encourage them with facilities large and small, including a spacious banquet hall, a charming tiki hut, and a cozy “mountain lodge” room.

What’s more, there’s a golf course right next door, and some of the world’s most highly acclaimed beaches are only a few miles away.

An Affordable Active Adult Community

If you’re like many older adults today, you’re concerned about whether your savings will allow you to enjoy all the exciting things you have planned for your retirement. Bear Creek has you covered there, too. We offer lovely manufactured homes for sale in a professionally managed community with low monthly home site lease fees. Although our homes are comfortable and often offer luxurious features such as island kitchens and walk-in closets, they typically cost less than site-built homes in other active adult communities.

We’ll be happy to tell you more about the affordable active lifestyle that awaits you at Bear Creek in Ormond Beach, but your best course of action is to schedule a community tour. Contact our Lifestyle Team today, and we’ll be happy to set it up.

Daytona Beach Retirement Activities

Daytona Beach Has the Retirement Activities You’re Looking for – Now Let’s Make It an Affordable Destination

Group of four tennis players on tennis courtAre you retired, cutting back on your work hours, or planning to retire in the near future? If so, then you probably have some ideas about how you want to spend your newfound free time, and the activities that you have in mind should play a big role in your choice of where to live during your retirement.  Daytona Beach has long been a top choice among retirees who yearn to live near the sea, and this city’s history as a tourist destination has made it one of the most vibrant communities in Florida. In other words, you’ll never run out of things to do. Here’s a short list of popular activities that retirees find easy to pursue in the Daytona area:

  • Hiking on nearly 60 miles of beautiful area beaches and well over 100 miles of trails
  • Fishing, with plenty of saltwater and freshwater sites to choose from, with or without a boat
  • Sightseeing at the famous Daytona Beach boardwalk and other historic sites

How Can This Be Affordable?

With real estate prices on the rise, many older adults find themselves priced out of retirement hotspots like Daytona Beach. However, the Bear Creek community on the outskirts of Daytona offers an active lifestyle that many adults 55 and older find exciting and affordable. Our gated community of well-maintained manufactured homes is ideally located only a few minutes’ drive from some of Daytona Beach’s most popular attractions. What’s more, our residents can also enjoy plenty of retirement activities without ever leaving the community. We have three clubhouse complexes, each decked out with a variety of spaces that encourage exercise and social activities. When you purchase one of our homes and pay a low monthly home site lease fee, you’ll be able to:

  • Indulge your flair for the performing arts in events put on by our Little Theater or the Bear Creek Singers, Tappers, and Line Dancers
  • Hop in your golf cart and head over to the neighboring golf course to play a round with some of your friends from Bear Creek
  • Test your skills and enjoy plenty of laughter at Game Show Night

To learn more about the never-ending retirement activities you can enjoy when you relocate to Bear Creek near Daytona Beach, contact us today.

What Makes the Best 55 Communities

What Makes the Best 55+ Communities?

Couples slap hands over tennis netGenerally speaking, the best 55+ communities are the ones that fulfill their purpose of helping older adults remain physically active, mentally sharp, and socially engaged as they navigate their retirement years. The idea behind 55+ communities, also known as active adult communities, is to provide opportunities for older adults to live in a setting with others of a similar age who are also pursuing active retirement opportunities. These communities typically offer amenities that can make it easier for residents to stay active, and they’re usually located near service providers that mature adults are likely to need as they age, including health care.

Bear Creek

By all of these measures, Bear Creek near Daytona Beach, Florida, is one of the best 55+ communities you’ll find. But is it the best one for you? If you’re on the hunt for a 55+ community to call home, ask yourself these questions:

Would you like to take a long stroll on the beach every day?

Bear Creek is located only about five miles from the Atlantic Ocean. If you like spending many hours at the beach, our community could be the best option for you.

Do you want to live in a community with lots of exciting activities to participate in?

With three clubhouses, three swimming pools, and numerous sports facilities, Bear Creek is a 55+ community where something is always going on. Our many resort-style amenities make it easier for our Little Theater group to stage an upcoming holiday follies show, and for other groups to organize line dancing, tap dancing, and singing events. Plus, for those who enjoy golf, there’s a public-access golf course and restaurant right next door, which many of our residents travel to by golf cart.

Are you interested in enjoying an affordable active lifestyle?

For an increasing number of older adults, the best 55+ communities are the ones that won’t overstretch their retirement savings. Bear Creek makes an affordable Florida lifestyle possible by offering attractive manufactured homes for sale in a professionally managed neighborhood setting where residents can enjoy daily access to resort-style amenities when they pay a low monthly home site lease fee.

No matter how wonderful a 55+ community sounds, though, you won’t know whether it’s the best one for you without visiting it in person. Our Lifestyle Team will be happy to schedule a tour of Bear Creek for you the next time you’re in the Daytona Beach area. Contact us today to set it up.

Pickleball 55+ Communities in Florida

Bear Creek in Ormond Beach Stands Out among Florida’s 55+ Communities Offering Pickleball

From humble beginnings as a pseudo-badminton game played with a hodgepodge of tennis rackets and ping-pong paddles, pickleball has grown to become a recognized sport that now has its own rules, equipment, and playing courts. Experts say pickleball is especially appealing because it offers a fun way to exercise that can be tailored to many different fitness and skill levels.

Of the 55+ communities offering pickleball in Florida, Bear Creek in Ormond Beach is a true standout. With four lighted pickleball courts and a wealth of equipment available for use, it’s easy for residents to play a friendly game with neighbors whenever they want. What’s more, there are group pickleball games organized several times a week, with opportunities for beginners to learn the game as well for more experienced players to hone their skills.

Part of an Affordable Active Lifestyle

Pickleball is just one of the ways that Bear Creek surpasses many 55+ communities in Florida when it comes to offering an affordable active lifestyle that can help older adults stay physically fit and mentally sharp. If you’re looking to relocate to a retirement community with a great location and plenty of activities to pursue without overstretching your retirement budget, you can’t do better than Bear Creek.

We offer high-caliber manufactured homes for sale in a gated, woodsy setting. A few minutes’ drive will take you to beautiful beaches along the Atlantic Ocean, the famous Daytona Beach boardwalk and bandshell, and a plethora of shopping and dining destinations. However, you won’t have to leave home to find something to do. With three spacious clubhouses, three swimming pools, tennis and shuffleboard courts, a tiki hut, and many other gathering spots, our community is always bustling with activities that foster camaraderie and friendship. Click here for our Bear Facts newsletter, which will give you an idea of the many activities you can enjoy when you purchase a home in Bear Creek and make low monthly home site lease payments.

If you’re looking for 55+ communities in Florida that offer pickleball because you’re on the hunt for a place to call home, make sure you schedule a tour of Bear Creek in Ormond Beach. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to set it up for you.

Best Southern Coastal Towns to Retire Daytona Beach

A Great Place to Call Home near Daytona Beach, FL, One of the Best Southern Coastal Towns to Retire

It’s no secret why Daytona Beach, Florida, makes the grade year after year on consumer website listings of the best southern coastal towns to retire to. Although home to attractions that draw tourists from around the world, this community offers a relatively low cost of living, which is typically of vital importance to older adults who are scouting for a place to retire and enjoy life.

If you’re on the hunt for a 55-plus community to call your own in the Daytona Beach area, make sure you consider Bear Creek. Our gated community of high-caliber manufactured homes is located a few miles north of Daytona, in a quiet woodsy area that’s only a five-minute drive from the beach. Not only that, but we pack a lot of value into affordable retirement living by offering three spacious clubhouses, three pools, and lots of other resort-style amenities that you can enjoy when you buy a home here and make low monthly home site lease payments.

No Hibernation Here

Although you’re certainly welcome to kick back and relax in a rocking chair at our “mountain lodge” clubhouse that looks out on scenic nature trails, you won’t have to do so because you’ve run out of things to do. Our resort-style amenities help our residents stay busy on their own as well as through organized events with friends and neighbors. Here are just a few of the events you can take part in as a Bear Creek resident:

  • Join rehearsals and share ideas for the Bear Creek Little Theater’s upcoming Holiday Follies show
  • Get a good rhythm going by signing up for the Bear Creek Tappers or the Bear Creek Line Dancers – or both
  • Show off your newfound dancing skills at the Country Western Dinner & Dance party for the whole community

For more information about the many activities you can enjoy at Bear Creek throughout the year, click here for our monthly newsletter.

Visit Bear Creek

Are you planning a visit to explore Daytona Beach and learn whether it’s the best southern coastal town for you to retire to? If so, that’s a great idea. Even better, schedule a community tour of Bear Creek while you’re in the area. Contact us today to set it up.

Best Beach Towns to Retire Ormond Beach

Bear Creek Is in One of the Best Beach Towns to Retire to: Ormond Beach, FL

There are many reasons why Ormond Beach, Florida, consistently makes the cut of best beach towns to retire to, as compiled by AARP and a number of national publications. Obviously, this town scores major points for its close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and a 23-mile stretch of hard-sand beach that’s ideal for a nice long stroll, as well as shell hunting and sunbathing. However, Ormond Beach is also one of the best towns to retire to – especially for many of today’s retirees, who worry about stretching their retirement savings to the max – because of its relatively low cost of living. In fact, many retirees choose to relocate to Florida because there’s no state income tax.

Make Your Retirement Dollars Last Longer

Bear Creek is a gated community for active adults 55 and older that’s nestled in a quiet, woodsy area of Ormond Beach. It’s a beautiful place to come home to, and it’s also ideally positioned near all the exciting attractions that Central Florida has to offer. We take pride in making an active retirement lifestyle affordable by offering high-quality manufactured homes for sale – many with the same luxury features you’d find in site-built homes but at a lower price – and providing on-site, resort-style amenities that our residents enjoy daily as part of their low monthly home site lease payment.

These amenities make it convenient for our residents to plan a never-ending series of activities that all of our residents can enjoy right outside their doors, including:

  • Crafters & Laughters – unique crafting projects and comedy shows
  • Game show and movie nights – challenge your neighbors in a game of Family Feud or grab some popcorn for a viewing of Dirty Dancing
  • Bear Creek Little Theater performances – take in a crowd-pleasing play like The Music Man or try your hand at a little acting; it’s never too late to be the next Julie Andrews

If you’re interested in the best beach towns to retire to because you’re on the hunt for a new place to call home when you retire, you can click here for our newsletter and get an idea of all the great activities you can enjoy when you move to Bear Creek.

We also invite you to see for yourself all the great things our community in beautiful Ormond Beach has to offer. Contact us today to schedule a tour of Bear Creek.

What Can Florida Retirees Do for Free?

What Can You Do for Free During Your Florida Retirement?

Florida has a lot to offer retirees who are looking for exciting ways to fill their hard-earned free time. Everyone knows about the golf courses, theme parks, and charter fishing excursions that have been favorite pastimes for active older adults for many years. However, long before Florida became known for its sometimes pricy tourist attractions, retirees flocked here simply to bask in the sunshine, go shell hunting on a beautiful beach, or drop a line into a favorite fishing hole to enjoy a few hours of relaxation.

If you choose the Bear Creek 55+ community in the Daytona Beach area as your retirement destination, you can still enjoy many of these pastimes and others without paying a dime. Here’s a partial list of freebies in the Daytona/Ormond Beach area:

Free Tours

History buffs can enjoy free tours of The Casements, the former winter home of John D. Rockefeller, now a cultural arts museum, and the historic Mary McLeod Bethune home on the campus of Bethune-Cookman University. The historic Angell & Phelps Chocolate Factory also offers free tours that include a view of the chocolate-making process.

Nature Parks

There are several nature parks open to the public without charge, including the historic Dunlawton Sugar Mill Gardens.

Free Concerts & Fireworks on the Beach

During the spring and summer, the Friends of the Bandshell organization hosts free weekly concerts at the historic Daytona Beach boardwalk and bandshell, followed by a free fireworks show.

Other Perks of Living at Bear Creek

In addition to those free activities, retirees who buy a manufactured home at Bear Creek and make low monthly home site lease payments can also enjoy a practically endless list of activities made possible by our three outstanding clubhouse complexes and numerous resort-style amenities. To get an idea of the many happenings going on at Bear Creek on a regular basis, click here to view our newsletter.

If you’re interested in retiring to this part of Florida without spending a fortune, we’ll be happy to get you started with a free tour of beautiful Bear Creek. Contact our lifestyle team today to make the arrangements.